The well-known channel ‘De Bakkertjes’ have chosen to commit themselves exclusively to Management. We are very happy to welcome Ramon, Irm, Jesse, Sem & Pip de Bakker. With over 220,000 subscribers and 170,000,000 views, they are among the top 3 family vloggers in the Benelux. Managemen will use its exclusive guidance to stimulate more growth for the channel.


De Bakkertjes x Managemen

De Bakkertjes recently (March 2021) joined Managemen. At the moment, we are working hard behind the scenes to further define and explain the strategy. De Bakkertjes are currently uploading a video 3 times a week that varies from vlogs, challenges and other creative concepts. Outside the YouTube channel, hard work is being done behind the scenes on other associated strategies and platforms.

The Managemen team is looking forward to working with De Bakkertjes!