Youtube this month started spreading mass messages to Youtube creators around the world to fill out tricky US W-8 BEN forms. At the beginning of March 2021, YouTube creators, among others, were informed by Google that they must soon provide additional tax information in the Google Adsense system to prevent the American tax authorities (IRS) from generating an estimated percentage of income on the YouTube income for a creator.


difficulties in practice

We know from experience that YouTube sometimes ‘suddenly’ comes up with difficult informative emails or announcements. In the past year (s) we have had to deal with legislation around COPPA legislation, which has led to a lot of confusion among creators. A similar situation has arisen with the reporting from Google to fill in W-8 BEN forms. It leads to questions from creators to fill out these tricky W-8 BEN forms in Google Adsense, where a lot and difficult data is requested.

We at Managemen, together with tax specialists and financial advisers, have created a practical guide for our creators. This is how we ensure that these specialist IRS forms can be completed quickly and easily for our creators. It is important that before the end of May 2021 this data is provided to Google Adsense or the current MCN where a creator is affiliated. If creators do not submit and / or complete this on time, the IRS will deduct a levy itself.

It is important to note that the tax only applies to income generated by ‘American viewers’. In practice, these views are negligible for Dutch creators.