On Saturday, April 10, Bas Baas worked for the Opkikker Foundation during a corona-proof pick-up day for families with a child who is ill for a long time. Managemen was able to prepare for this day together with Bas and Stichting Opkikker. The central focus was to give the families a fully catered day with the idol of the children ‘Bas Baas’. The entire day was provided at center parcs de Eemhof in Zeewolde.


Opkikker days in corona periods

The Opkikker Foundation has long been committed to families with a long-term sick child. The foundation does this by organizing the most cool and diverse pick-me-up days. Corona has thrown a spanner in the works, organizing such days and all guidelines is very difficult. At the beginning of this year, the Opkikker Foundation, together with Managemen, looked at the possibilities of creating a corona-proof pick-up day, with Bas Baas being central to the program for that day.

In the end, several families were able to carry out a cool activity with Bas Baas. From BMX track to standing in line in a mobile unit, we are accompanied by an actor and a real police officer. Niels Hoogma (known from television) was present with a fast Audi from police Netherlands to add extra effect to this cool activity.