800 000 subscribers for Ties Granzier!

In July 2021, Ties Granzier reached 800,000 subscribers on YouTube! We as management are very proud of Ties, that he has been able to reach these incredibly high followers. Since the initiation of certain construction projects, the Granzier Canal has gained momentum. Weekly or several times he provides the most unique content in the form of construction projects. As a team, we are happy with this achievement and will soon start large and new projects in the coming months.

What does Ties Granzier make for content?

Granzier’s content is characterized by the unique combination of ‘vlogging’ and ‘building’ technical (construction) projects. In recent years, a great deal of attention has been paid to building caravan(s), tree house, dog houses and, as the highlight, our own boat of almost 8 meters in length. Because Granzier can fully distinguish itself in this, the growth of the channel went faster than the usual growth.

At the moment, the focus is on expanding these (construction) projects and new and even larger projects will be launched in the autumn of 2021 in which Management will play an important supporting role.

Get an idea of the most recent build video below: