Pip de Bakker is the tough youngest member of the de Bakker family, also known as ‘De Bakkertjes’. PIP really wanted to make her own children’s videos on Youtube. As a result, PIP has its own channel and makes incredibly fun challenges and ‘do’ videos, which many other children / families watch. A video is uploaded once every 2 weeks on Sunday at 08:00. This channel is managed by the de Bakker family. You could describe the content as ‘playful’ and ‘unique’. PIP achieves high engagement due to its playful and accessible style. PIP has a high reach among children. The channel is linked to the Bakkertjes, who of course make the videos for PIP. Only what PIP likes is made. Interested in collaborating with PIP’s channel? It makes it a very nice channel to draw attention to brands, from experience and statistics we know that the ‘whole family’ watches the videos and therefore both adults and children belong to the target group. Many integrations and collaborations have preceded it. Please contact us via the button at the bottom of this page.