Bas Gaasbeek

The 28 year old Bas Gaasbeek has become known under his stage name Bas Baas. Baas has built his fame by being part of Enzo Knol’s videos for many years. Before he was able to take the step to start working full-time as a content creator, he had several jobs in the north of the Netherlands. In the meantime, Baas has a fast-growing YouTube channel where he posts various videos during the week, besides that, Baas maintains a large instagram channel with a large reach and has his own webshop.

You could describe the content as “entertaining” and “effective”. Baas aims to reach all layers of society with its content and message, this is also the most important target group.

Interested in working with Bas Baas? His target group is very broad and very involved, which makes it very interesting for various brands. Please contact us via the button at the bottom of this page.