Kiya van Rossum

The 16-year-old Kiya van Rossum has become known for her participation in the Junior Songfestival 2018 and The Voice Kids 2018. After reaching the finals of the Junior Songfestival, Van Rossum has discovered that she aspires a life as Youtuber and artist . In the meantime, Van Rossum has been able to perform dozens of gigs and hundreds of collaborations and has been able to build up her own and stable brand. She has released several singles of her own such as LAAT ME LOS and DANSEN DOOR DE STRATEN.

You could describe the content and music as “modern” and “effective”. Van Rossum has experienced major collaborations and projects, but again in 2021 there are major projects ready for this teenage star.

Collab with Kiya van Rossum? Her target group is very broad and very involved, which makes it very interesting for various brands. Please contact us via the button at the bottom of this page.