Ties Granzier

The 22 year old Ties Granzier was there early in Youtube Netherlands with his first channel TIESGAMES. The aforementioned channel is also the channel through which Granzier became known to the general public. Granzier has since been able to conquer his position in the top of the Netherlands with his channel TIES. Outside his own clothing line and webshop, he was also able to organize his own TIES EVENT, unfortunately this event could not take place due to the corona virus. You could describe the content as ‘innovative’ and ‘unique’. With both right hands, Granzier builds all kinds of projects from scratch and combines this with his completely own style. ‘Quality over quantity’, that is what Granzier finds important and for which he receives support from the Managemen team. Granzier has been exclusively associated with Managemen since 2018. At the end of 2021, Granzier started the renovation of his first purchased house, in which Managemen plays a major supporting role. The (construction) videos really distinguish Granzier from the rest, such as construction videos around the house as well as his well-known ‘boat’ project and other construction projects. Interested in working with Ties? His target group is very involved and dedicated, beyond that his unique and high-quality content offers enough space for implementations. Please contact us via the button at the bottom of this page.