Thimo van Haaren

15-year-old Thimo van Haaren is a true multi-talent. This superstar was born in Amersfoort. Van Haaren can be found on stage as an artist and/or actor, outside of that he has a lot of experience in providing voices for films, series and commercials. Van Haaren earned his spurs with his participation in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2020, where he was placed in a boy band. At the end of 2022, van Haaren decided to continue as a solo artist. Various types of content are created, with very high engagement being achieved. We always look at the way to set up a suitable, exclusive, brand campaign. For example, at the end of 2022, Van Haaren was able to carry out a major campaign with the major A-brand ‘Emma-Sleep’. In the beginning of 2023, van Haaren can be seen in the Mini Stars program on SBS6. Van Haaren has been exclusively affiliated with Managemen since the end of 2022 and a broad brand will be set up, as well as producing its own singles at the permanent studio that Managemen works with. At the beginning of 2023, van Haaren released his first own single ‘We Sleep Not’ on Spotify and an accompanying video clip on Youtube. Interested in the possibilities of working with Thimo van Haaren? You can contact us without obligation below.