De Bakkertjes

Ramon, Irm, Jesse, Sem & Pip de Bakker together form the extremely popular channel ‘De Bakkertjes’. De Bakkertjes are currently in the top 3 largest family vloggers in the Netherlands and are the fastest growing channel in this industry. Since 2017, the de Bakker family has done everything they can to create the unique and, above all, modern content that they have led to today’s content. A video is uploaded to the channel every 3 weeks. In addition, weekly content is created for the channel of ‘PIP’, the youngest of the family. The channel of ‘Jesse’ will also come with renewed content in 2023. You could describe the content as ‘modern’ and very ‘broad’. De Bakkertjes focus on showing daily life, but performing challenges and making sketches are also very popular videos. The range and views of the channel are incredibly high. De Bakkertjes and the associated channels have been exclusively connected to Managemen since 2021. Interested in working with De Bakkertjes (or channel PIP/Jesse)? The target group is very involved and dedicated, beyond that the unique and high-quality content offers enough space for commercial implementations. Please contact us via the button at the bottom of this page.