Naomi Traa has joined Managemen. This 15 year old superstar is currently in a girl band and has big ambitions with her own social media channels. Management will support this, exclusively. With this, Managemen has also been able to match Naomi directly with the major German brand ‘Emma-Sleep’ for a long-term collaboration.

Prolong in 2022

This fall, Naomi will show the followers how she will tune her own room with the new Emma-Sleep products. The creation of awesome content is already underway here, which can already be seen on Naomi’s channel, as well as on her instagram page. Conversion-oriented campaign(s) have been chosen using Youtube shout-outs and Instagram feed posts/stories. This is a pleasant collaboration and will continue until the end of 2022 in different types of content expressions.

Get an impression of the content Naomi Traa x Emma-Sleep: